Jan. 8th, 2017 10:20 pm
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Hey, all, this is _cadenza from livejournal. I am a perpetual lurker there and I don't expect that to change much. However, there are still many journals and communities that I love to follow, and fandom seems to be moving in the direction of dreamwidth, so I'm dragging this journal out from the ashes as well.

...Just thought I should post something so you don't need to worry about who the weirdo who hasn't made a public post in 10 years is.
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All right, y'all, so of course I read Deathly Hallows on Saturday, and I completely love the book. Not sure if it's my favorite of the series, but it's definitely up there. I'm sort of still processing (yep, I'm slow), so you don't get any deep thoughtful post yet.

But... here, have some icons! 6 ship icons, 2 chapter art icons, lots of quote icons, and a few R.I.P. icons.

26 Deathly Hallows Icons -- SPOILERS behind the cut! )

Please credit me and leave a comment if you use any. Enjoy!
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omg it's almost time to leave for graduation and I have to give a speech (which is not, um, entirely written) and possibly quote RENT and sing a song and pretend to like people for one more day (and ignore the people who I do like so that I don't burst into hysterical tears) and... eep.

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I had a sudden urge to make icons, so I played around with the US cover art for Deathly Hallows.

Previews: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

15 icons under the cut )

Please leave a comment and credit me if you use. Enjoy!
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So I guess the new photos of Lyra (a crappy official one and a slightly-less-crappy-and-hopefully-real one) put me in an icon-making mood -- I made 25 icons from the movie photos and the book covers.

Previews: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Please credit me and leave a comment if you take any. Enjoy!

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A list, because I think I've said, "Oh, really? They're making a movie of Coraline? Wow!", about a dozen times. Mostly for my own benefit, but may be useful for other ditzy people?

  1. The Composer is Dead (early 2007?), Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid (May 2007), and books about "some other cases that may have some overlap with the Baudelaires" -- all by Lemony Snicket -- (More info here)

  2. Coraline movie (2007) -- (IMDB entry)

  3. Stardust movie (2007) -- (Some info at Neil Gaiman's Journal)

  4. Harry Potter movie (2007) -- (The Leaky Cauldron)

  5. His Dark Materials movie (2007) -- (Bridge to the Stars fansite)

  6. The Book of Dust -- (Bridge to the Stars fansite)


I know I'm forgetting some things. Help?
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After waiting all day, I finally started on the last Series of Unfortunate Events book at about 9:30 p.m. I finished it a while ago, I've had some time to think about the book, and I'm still incredibly hyper, so... you get a 2:00 a.m. book 'review'. Apologies in advance for any incoherency!
Major spoilers for ASOUE #13: 'The End' )
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I'm supposed to pick a piano concerto to work on this year. Liszt, Mendelssohn, Saint-Saens, Franck, Chopin... But I don't want to play any of them! All of them are too long, too short, too easy, too hard, too boring... I've been stressing about this for two weeks now! After listening to concertos for over two hours straight and not really liking any of them, I'm really getting SO SICK OF THIS. askd;;jlkkj#@$#*&%($%!

Okay, screw Liszt! I'm listening to Urinetown.

I feel better already. Nothing better to cheer yourself up than listening to a bunch of people singing about how they have to pee!


Jun. 28th, 2006 10:46 am
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Oh, wow; this is the most awesome thing ever!

I escaped from the Dungeon of Cadenza!

I killed Jackichijouji the owlbear, Thistlerose the dragon, Ariastar the cockatrice, Femmequixotic the leprechaun, Rushlight75 the troll, Cadenza the fire elemental, Rowen R the kobold, Musigneus the leprechaun, Violet Quill the zombie, Jennuine the owlbear, Lile the giant spider and Anal Cram Ink the leprechaun.

I looted the Sword of Marseverlasting, the Shield of Marksykins, the Sceptre of Ford Prefect, the Axe of Gershwin, the Dagger of Useless Caucus, the Wand of Vimes, the Armour of Snape, the Wand of Rent, the Sceptre of Copperbadge, the Sword of Prillalar, the Sword of Piano Playing, a Figurine of Mpuppet and 448 gold pieces.

Score: 548

Explore the Dungeon of Cadenza and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Come play in my dungeon! Hear the sounds of Remus/Sirius in the distance, pray to [ profile] ac1d6urn, see the crude images of slash daubed onto the walls, and quaff a potion that tastes of footpad! Or create your own dungeon to get lost in...
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I spent last weekend at Rapid City, South Dakota, for my cousin's graduation. At which point everyone helpfully asked, "Did you know, you'll be graduating next year?" Yes, thank you for the instant panic attack. I have no idea what I want to do or where I want to go after graduation. I'm too afraid to go to an out-of-state college, but none of the North Dakota colleges are looking terribly appealing right now.

Between last weekend's 'vacation' and my birthday, I have acquired lots of shiny new things! I received the Wicked soundtrack, so of course I had to go out and buy the book (Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West) to read first. Although the musical makes some rather huge changes from the book, the soundtrack is still very enjoyable. It's actually a bit hilarious to listen to; the music goes from insanely cute to dramatically angsty in seconds. The book was also entertaining enough, although I didn't realize it focused so much on Ozian politics.

Other shiny things include: RENT DVD, Corpse Bride soundtrack, Gorillapod, lots of beads, two rocks, and clothes. Also, I bought a new camera! It's the Olympus SP-350, and I love it! It's an 8 megapixel camera, and it has a good macro mode and a bulb mode and you can put lenses on it. Which is pretty good, for a compact camera. And it was cheap, too -- just over $200.


Apr. 30th, 2006 02:01 pm
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My ACT scores came yesterday... I got a 33! I am incredibly relieved. I thought I would bomb the reading section; there were a bunch of questions I wasn't sure about, so I start to panic, which didn't help matters at all. Looks like I guessed correctly, for the most part, though!

I'm just going to ignore the fact that the ACT people think I stink at writing. Apparently I didn't stay on topic? Whatever. Thank God the writing score isn't included in the composite score!

I suppose I should go work on my research paper for English. Bleh. At least I have a vaguely interesting topic: the Mozart effect.
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On the first day of Christmas my auntie gave to me... eight Cortisone shots. x) Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouchouchouchouch!

Can't type; happy late Christmas!

GoF Icons

Oct. 6th, 2005 08:23 pm
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GoF Icons of Ron, Hermione, Draco, Harry, Fleur, Cedric, and Krum. Please leave a comment here and credit me in keywords/comments if you use. Thanks, and enjoy!


27 icons under the cut! )

Snow day!

Oct. 5th, 2005 09:27 pm
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Saturday, it was around 90 degrees Fahrenheit here. Today? 32 degrees, 30 mph wind gusts, and 14 inches of snow. WTF, world? So, no school today, but there was also no electricity until about 3:00.

What's really wonderful, though, is that school is already called off for tomorrow. Apparently, my school has no heat. It's October, in the middle of North Dakota, and we don't have heat. Brilliant.
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It's that time of year again... time to choose a vocal solo for this year's auditions and contest. The world of music is impressively weird, and there are some incredibly odd solos out there. Last year's gems included one which proclaimed majestically, "Toasted susie is my ice cream!" This year, I could sing about a green dog. Or peas. How does someone get inspired to compose a song about peas?

I did find some normal songs eventually, and I decided on "Under the Willow Tree", by Samuel Barber. A very pretty piece, with a high note at the end! Yay.
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I really should be leaving for school right now, but... omgtrailerSQUEE! Voldemort looks quite close to how I imagined him, and Daniel and Rupert are both adorable, and (although I wasn't really listening closely) the music sounds nice enough, too.
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There was a post at [ profile] pianists a while back about John Stump's hilarious Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz. Well, that piece was so... inspiring... to me, I just had to make some icons!

Teasers:Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

15 icons under the cut )

Feel free to use any of these, just comment and credit me, please.

I'll take requests for more icons from this piece, too, if anyone is interested. I just picked random sections and quotes that I liked, but I know I missed some good ones!
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I've started to post my vacation photos to my Deviant Art account, and I think I'll cross-post them here, too. Just a couple today; I've still got tons more to sort through.
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The last couple of weeks have not been good to me. My dog had to be put to sleep (he had diabetes, and we don't have to time or money to manage that), the funny old guy from church choir died in a car accident, and my class schedule for next year is completely screwed. I'm trying really hard not to be whiny and annoying on LJ... which is probably why I haven't posted much lately.

HBP Icons!

Jul. 20th, 2005 01:15 am
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11 HBP icons! Lots of Snape and a couple of Ron icons. I'll probably have more ready soon. Enjoy!

HBP SPOILERS; Icons under the cut )
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